Teacher Appreciation Week


There have been moments when I have questioned whether or not I should homeschool my children. I know we could accomplish a lot more at home than they do at school, with 25+ kids in each classroom, but then I think about how much my son and daughter can drive me crazy.

I LOVE my kids with every fiber of my being and would do anything for them. Anything but school them, that is.

I did (and do) my part. I taught my kids to read and write, taught them simple math, and work with my daughter as needed after school (my son, 5, isn’t in school yet). I also pay A LOT of taxes as a small business owner and need those tax dollars at work in our school. Luckily, we are very blessed to live in a place that has an amazing school with awesome teachers. (We actually commuted for two years to this school before building a house so that our son would also be able to attend.)

This week we get to honor our kids’ teachers. I absolutely adore all of my kids’ teachers and appreciate everything they do! If you didn’t know it was “Teacher Appreciation Week” or forgot and are looking for a great, quick, and inexpensive gift idea, I have one for you! Teachers love this personalized crayon art!

I cannot take credit for this idea; I saw it in a Disney magazine years ago and we’ve made one each year for each of my daughter’s teachers. It’s very fun to see them hanging in each of their rooms still.


– Frame (we use 11×14)
– Large box of crayons (we got a box of 48 from the dollar store)
– Tacky Glue
– Paper large enough to fit the frame



1. Peel all the crayons.

2. Break the crayons in half (or in thirds, depending on how big your frame is and how large of a letter you want to make).

3. Arrange the crayons on top of the glass to make your letter. (Rounded letters are a little tougher.)

4. Once they’re arranged the way you want, start gluing them one-by-one with tacky glue, directly to the glass.

5. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight.

6. Print or write the teacher’s name on the paper (so that it can be viewed under or in the letter). Insert this into the frame.


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