Still Listening

Sunday night, after posting “I’m Listening, God,” I prayed for Him to give me answers. While I was hoping for a concrete sign (aren’t we all hoping for those when we’re wrestling with something?), I didn’t really get one. However, my brain was suddenly racing with a story I could (should?) post on my blog. Perhaps those racing thoughts were my clear answer: use my true and raw experiences to minister to/serve others. An outline quickly started forming in my head, and then I could literally see the whole story typed out.

This story, about my own personal/recent struggle with depression, will leave me vulnerable and will force me to relive painful memories. So give me a few days. While I want this blog to be real, honest, and encouraging, I have resisted opening up as I don’t like feeling exposed. I also want to give God a chance to give me another sign, maybe look for an “out” of this impending post.

I did have a dream that night that I robbed a bank, but I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want me to do that, so I will just read that dream as sub-conscious craziness and ignore it. 🙂

Proverbs 3:5-6

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