Starting Lineup of Kroger Snacks

Got some help from Kroger for dinner tonight and during basketball tourneys! #KrogerFaves #WinningCombo #MyMagazineSharing #FreeSamp

I’m a part of My Magazine Sharing Network, and Kroger sends us free samples (or coupons to get free samples) so we can try things and review them or post about them. These two snacks were for March Madness, but I’m a bit late in posting since we traveled to NYC as a family last month.

These really helped complete a quick dinner of BLTs tonight. The onion rings were super quick to heat up in the oven (7 minutes each side), and obviously the chips required no cooking. Of course I normally like to cook dinners from scratch with more veggies, but on nights like tonight when our kids have multiple after-school activities, we need some quick meal options.

I will be honest and tell you we were NOT fans of this chip flavor, so I wouldn’t buy them. But I would definitely try other flavors of Kroger chips!

Thank you, Kroger!

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