Harry Potter Party – 9 3/4 Platform

How to make the 9 3/4 Platform from “Harry Potter.”

9 3/4 platform - Harry Potter

Supplies Needed for the Wall:

– 6 yards (cut into two section of 3 yards) of cheap white/off-white fabric (I used 30″ muslin that was $1/yard)
– Sewing machine threaded with white/off-white
– Fabric pins
– Scissors
– Painter’s plastic
– Red paint (we used about 1 gallon of the cheapest red latex paint we could find)
– Paint tray
– Something rectangular for “stamping” the brick pattern (we used rectangular Styrofoam used for floral arrangements)

How to do put it together:

1.  Pin the two pieces of fabric together starting at the top, but only until about 2-2 1/2 feet (so that the party-goers have a slit to walk through).

2.  Sew the fabric where you’ve pinned, leaving only about 1/4″ (or a Serger would work even better!).

3.  Lay the sewn fabric out on a flat, hard surface, on top of painter’s plastic.

4.  Pour the red paint into your tray, then start stamping the fabric using your rectangular Styrofoam.  Make sure you start the second row off a few inches from the top row to get that brick pattern.

5.  Allow to dry for at least a full day and then it’s ready to hang!  We used nails because we have wood between our stone posts on our porch.  My husband also used rope on the bottom around the stone posts and fabric so that the wind wouldn’t blow it all over.

Supplies Needed for the Platform Sign:

– Scrap wood cut into a rectangle (I made my sign 12″h x 18″w; I went to Lowe’s and asked if they had any scrap wood and the guy cut a piece of MDF for me and said I could just have it at no cost.  Yay!  Not sure if that’s what all Lowe’s stores/employees do, but I was very happy with a FREE board!)
– Red paint (I used the leftover paint from the brick wall)
– Paint brush
– Cutting machine (like a Cricut) and adhesive vinyl (OR black/white paints)
– Glue (if using vinyl)

How to Make the Sign:

1.  Paint the front and all sides red.  Allow to dry overnight.

2.  Use your cutting machine to cut a large circle out of white.

3.  Use your cutting machine to cut a “9” and then the “3,” “/,” and “4” cut a little less than half of the size of the “9.”

4.  Glue the vinyl to the painted board.  Even though the vinyl is adhesive, it doesn’t stick very well to painted MDF so I used a little bit of Mod Podge to make sure it stuck.

Your sign is ready to hang above the brick wall (or next to it)!  My husband drilled a couple of holes in the top of the sign and hung it with rope on a nail.