Halloween Wreath

I LOVE Halloween. I still love Christmas more, but we definitely get into October’s holiday. Everything from decorations to treats to costumes, I love it all.

I’ve always put a basic fall wreath out, but this year I decided to make a Halloween wreath.


3 rolls of wide mesh ribbon
wreath form (I used metal)
floral wire
extra decorations (ribbon, spooky items to attach, etc.)
1. If you are using a metal wreath form, you will need to wrap it with one roll of mesh ribbon. Mesh ribbon is very transparent, unlike burlap, so you don’t want people to be able to see the metal beneath your wreath. Warning: mesh ribbon is rather frustrating to work with; it gets caught on itself constantly. If I had this to do over, I would probably make a burlap wreath with mesh ribbon intertwined.
IMG_49632. Cut floral wire into 6″ pieces.

3. Bunch your next roll of ribbon into 3 loops. (You can make them as small or as big as you want. I wanted a “fluffier” look, so I did fairly big loops.)

IMG_5162IMG_51614. Grab the bottom of your loops and stick a piece of wire through one side and out the other. Fasten to the ribbon on your wreath.
IMG_5163IMG_51645. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you make it all the way around the wreath.

6. Decorate with extra ribbon, or use floral wire to attach spooky decorations (skulls, bats, a witch, a cute sign, etc.). I liked this “BOO” ribbon from Joann’s. I really just wrapped it around the wreath between each set of loops, and fastened the ends with floral wire that was already on the wreath. I also used the “BOO” ribbon to make a loop for hanging. (Since we have a really tall front door, it looks strange to hang wreaths directly on wreath hangers, so I always have 8-12″ of loop on my wreaths to hang on the hanger.)

I will post pictures of our other Halloween decorations soon! Until then, keep on crafting, Supermoms!

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