Crap, I Sound Just Like My Mother

A few weeks ago we took our kids camping for the first time, and I frightfully heard myself sounding just like my mother. [Gasp!]

“Hey kids, look at the bison!” “Look at those cool looking rocks!” “Look! Another little waterfall!”

There is nothing quite like a drive through the mountains of “Colorful Colorado” to put you in awe of God’s artistry. I found myself pointing out the unique orange aspen trees mixed in with the greens and yellows, the beautiful mix of purple, red, yellow, and blue wildflowers, and every little creature tucked between the trees or flying high above our heads. While my perpetually aching back was of course noticing the long drive, my eyes could not take in the unsurpassed beauty quickly enough. (Sadly I am not a great landscape photographer, as I enjoy taking pictures of people and capturing memories.)

As expected, my kids reacted to my excitement just as my brothers and I did when we were kids: sighs, maybe an eye roll or two, and a lot of “Are we there yet?”

It’s funny the things we take for granted and don’t grasp when we’re young. As we get older it feels as though our days are so much shorter, and we realize just how brief life on earth really is. We notice the beauty that God created a little more, and we can genuinely appreciate and enjoy it.


My kids did love camping, even though it was freezing at night. (We do real middle-of-the-woods tent camping on some property my parents have owned for 30 years.) Although they didn’t verbalize their awe for nature in the same way, I know they had a new appreciation for God’s creation and our blessed little family. When my daughter said, “these weenies cooked over the fire taste so much better than grilling at home,” I knew that was her way of expressing that appreciation. 🙂

Psalm 145:5
On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.




  1. Did you see chipmunks on the property, or was that a squirrel in the picture?

    So glad the kids enjoyed the property. And I am also glad you noticed you sometimes sound like your mother!

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