Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Do you have family coming over tomorrow for Easter? Need a last minute decoration that will “wow” them before they even enter your house? This burlap wreath takes less than 30 minutes to make and costs less than $20.

Let’s go through what you’ll need. I’ve listed my approximate cost next to each item. These items were all from Michael’s and were all sale items or used coupons.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath in 20 Minutes

– Wire wreath (mine is 18″ because we have a large 9′ door, $3)
– Burlap (I used a little over two 10yd rolls, $4 each)
– Crafting/floral wire
– Decorations (wood “Happy Easter” sign and eggs, $2.50)
Step 1 – Using some wire, fasten an end of the burlap to the bottom of your wreath.

Step 2 –
Push the burlap through the first hoop in your wreath, so that about a 2-3″ loop is on the outside. (You can use less or more depending on how full you want the wreath.)

Step 3 –
Hold the first loop and repeat this with the other two hoops on the wreath.

Step 4 – Turn the wreath over, squish your three loops over, then twist the burlap twice.

Step 5 – Hold the twist tightly against the bottom of the wreath, then repeat steps 2-4, making three loops, twisting, then three loops, etc. When you’ve gone all the way around the wreath, use your wire again to secure the end.

You can leave the burlap wreath plain, or you can add decorations. I’ve made mine removable so that I can use this wreath for other holidays.

Adding Similar Easter Decorations

Step 1 – I got this wood sign for about $2. The wooden stake came off pretty easily without any tools. (If there are any tacks/staples left in the sign, make sure you remove them or press them down so they don’t scratch your door.)


Step 2 – Use wire to hang the sign from the wreath. I also used wire from the bottom and across the sides to stabilize the sign, so that it would not twist and turn in the wind.

Step 3 – Adding plastic Easter eggs is EXTREMELY quick and easy, and best of all….you don’t need any other materials/tools to attach them! Open them up, then close them onto a small bit of burlap.

I love that all of the decorations are removable so I can reuse this wreath! If you have a taller door, you may need to use another long strip of burlap to make a bow to hang it.


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